Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Organizational Notebooks for Students

I had recently read on someone’s blog about notebooks they put together. They used dividers and had resources for the students in their notebooks. They used the hard binders. I was going to look back at it and make one but I can’t find which blog it was on. IF YOU KNOW PLEASE POST a comment with the name of the blog! Thank you!!

Give Away Contest

Oh Boy 4th Grade is having a Give Away Contest. You could win some amazing graphic sets. They are giving away the whole store! The artists names are Joli and Kelli. Together they own ScrapDelicious!!!
ScrapALatte and Tallula Moon have TEACHER FRIENDLY graphics and papers and alpha sets!!!

I just saw this today so you only have one more day to enter! Good luck everyone! I never win anything but I am crossing my fingers anyway J

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Clip Chart /Behavior Chart

I have seen many different people post about their behavior charts and I thought I would share mine again. It is a little different than the others I have seen. We did ours like a Caterpillar since life cycles was a big unit for us in 2nd grade.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Greatest giveaway of the summer!

Greatest Giveaway!
Are you ready to go Back to School?  Erica Bohrer is hosting a Back to School Bonanza Giveaway that should help you get in the mood!  Twelve fabulous bloggers have teamed up with her to give one lucky winner a huge back to school prize pack! You have until July 28th to enter!

Please also check out my first freebie below. I am slowly but surely working on making some cute stuff for you guys!!!

Freebie Alert


Ok, so I am trying to prepare for our first story of the year and playing with making cute files to share with everyone. Here is my second attempt at making something. I am going to put a big focus on character traits this year so I figured why not start out with this J

Officer Buckle and Gloria

Friday, July 22, 2011

Folders, Baskets, and Buckets Oh My!

Target Dollar Spot Finds
Ok, so I only went to Target to get TWO things. That didn’t happen. I visited the dollar spot and ran into so many things that coordinated with my new look that I just had to scoop them up! I was so engaged at looking through the stuff that I sat right on the floor and was digging through a pile!

This is my coordinating stuff. I am doing black and white polka dots with green and pink in my room. I LOVE the file folder boxes.

This is the rocking chair I painted for my classroom last year.
I found these stickers. I am not sure how I will use them yet but I am sure I will find something!

We used to get a grade book each year from the office but with budget cuts I think we will have to buy our own. This is soooooo much cheaper than the one I saw in the teacher store yesterday.

A set of book marks to give out as rewards. This goes along with some stickers I made through Vista Print that say High Five for good work J

A set of 6 “The Wind in the Willows” books for Literature Circles.

Smarties for my “smarties”to place on the students desks for open house night. This also helps me keep track of who came that night and who didn’t. 
The dollar spot can be dangerous!
I am doing “Bucket Filling” this year so I got a big bucket and a little one J

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This is a trial...

Birthday GraphI tried to create a graph on this in word. It showed up in word but then when I changed it to a PDF the lines I had for the graph disappeared. I tried it several ways. I know there are some blogger wizards out there who can help me figure this out so I can start creating great documents. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you do it?

How do you do it?
I would love to create cute things like all of you wonderful bloggers. Especially on TPT.those are some great items! I just dont know how you do it. How do you make it look so cute and nice? Do you buy clipart? What program do you create it in? Powerpoint? Word? Publisher? I want to include some freebies on my site but I dont know how. Thank you to all my fellow blogger buddies!

Back to School Giveaways

"Teaching Heart ( ) is hosting their annual back to school party on July 24th till July 30th.  Each Day a new prize!  Gift cards, Books, Teaching Heart Products, and more!!!  Plus a free printable will be posted during the week.  You need to visit the blog at; 
daily to check out the prizes each day and enter for the ones you want to win!!!"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yes I did changed again

Yes, I changed by blog background (again!). I am trying something new out. Please bear with me as I try to find something more unique for me. I appreciate any comments. Thanks for hanging in there!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to School Ideas

Back to school ideas:
Fun in First Grade is having a back to school Linky party and I am listing my ideas. I love everyone’s ideas!! Feel free to comment…I love comments!!!
1. I had a poem on their desks when they came in. They were to read the poem and color the border around it. Later when everyone was settled we read the poem aloud and we discussed the tone, voice, word choices, ect.
I have the poem copied onto a cute page with a border of ABC’s and crayons but my scanner doesn’t want to work and I can’t seem to make things cute in Google docs. I haven’t quite figured out how to make those cute sheets everyone does. So here is the poem:
My crayons still have points-
Their wrappers are untorn.
My pencils are unsharpened-
Erasers aren’t yet worn.
My lunch kit has no dents-
Its’ colorful and new.
My shoes are still unscuffed-
They’re bright and shiny too.
My hair has two red bows-
They’re tucked into my braid.
Today’s a special day-
I’m starting second grade!
-Lagenia Damron

2.*** My favorite!  I read “Cheese, Peas, and Chocolate Pudding” to the students. I told them before I started that every time I said the word cheese they snap, when I said Peas they clapped, and when I said chocolate pudding they would stomp. They have a lot of fun listening to this silly story and doing the actions. It is also a lesson in listening…but shhhh don’t tell them that.
I found a copy of it online. Here is the link. My copy is old and ugly J

3.  I spend a little while telling them about myself and sharing things about me. I made a Powerpoint presentation that I share with them with pictures of my family and Texas where I am from. Then we usually play a game where I have them say their name and one thing about them. The next person has to say that person’s name and one thing about them and then share about themselves. It continues until me (who is last) where I have to say everyone’s name and one thing about them. This helps me remember their names! We usually help out the students who are at the end but they are much better at it than I am!!!

4. There is a poster all about me that I have bought from Really Good Stuff and they fill that out and we share.
5. I read a TON of books on the first day. One set of books I start with is a book on manners. Along with our class rules we make a list of manners to follow throughout the year. We practice our manners ALL the way throughout the year.

6. I also read the “Important Book” and we then write a poem titled The Important Thing About Me.
I take these poems and make a class book that we keep in our reading center.
The important thing about me is that
I am ____________________________________________________________
I like _______________________
I like _______________________
I like ________________________
I like ________________________
I like ________________________
The most important thing about me is that
I am ___________________________________________________________.
** They repeat the first and last line with the same thing.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

100th Day

100th Day
In celebration of TBA 100th day blogging she has started a 100th day LINKY party. Here is what I do on the 100th day (at least what I did in 2nd grade…not sure what I will do in 3rd this year….hmmm)
1. We would color a fake $100 bill and write about what we would do with $100. It is amazing to see the things they think they can get with that money…a car, a house, but I REALLY love it when they talk about giving things to other people or helping poor people. J
2. Draw and write what we will look like at 100 years old. I also have them share what will be different in the world when they are 100. Their answers remind me of the Jetsons.. HA!
3. Write 100 words we know. They think this is hard until realize there are SO many words around the room (on their name tag, word wall, posters.)
4. We make a 100th day snack. We put in 10 items of 10 different things and mix it up. (cereal, M&M’s, peanuts, raisns, ect)
5. We use a 100 board sheet and I give clues to numbers that they color in. When they are done they have colored in squares to make the number 100. The clues are things like color the number that is 10 less than 50, what is 2 tens and 9 ones,ect.
6. I also read 100 day books. They are listed below.
7. We practice skip counting to 100 by 2, 3, 5, 10’s.
8. I am going to try to load up a google doc of some centers we do on the 100th day. Cross your fingers. I had it in really cute fonts but when I copied and pasted it onto google docs it changed it. Maybe my fellow bloggers can help me figure out how to fix that next time. Thanks!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog Mixer Linky

Yearn to Learn is having a seek and find Blog Mixer Linky party. Let's have some fun spotlighting each other.

Here is my list:
1. A new blogger is ME! I don't know if that is cheating but I just got started less than a month ago. Check me out at Tales of a Third Grade! (
I don't have any freebies yet because I am still learning. I would love to find out how everyone creates these GREAT worksheets, center, signs. ect!

2. A blogger on my grade level is Third Grade Gridiron. Awesome site! I had a hard time picking because there are so many! Check out my blog list on my site.

3. A blog on a different grade level is Finally in First. She has some great ideas and a cute blog!

4. My blog button I found is sort of my life motto. I have beat cancer 3 times and I live life to the fullest!!I got it from Shabby Blogs.

.In your link up find the following:

1.  A blogger who is a "New Kid on the Blog"
(Let's say someone who has blogged 2 months or less and has less than 200 followers)

2.  Post a blogger in your same grade level

3.  Post a blogger in a different grade level

4.  It's all about the button. Find a cute blog button and post it.

Spelling with Flickr

Head over to 4th Grade Frolics and check out her post on Spell with Filckr. What a great idea! I can see the endless possibilities in using it for spelling practice, on my blog, writing, labels, ect....the list goes on and on!

My Classroom

I was able to go to my school yesterday for a meet and greet for our new principal. While I was there I was graciously allowed to get in my classroom for a second to grab a few things. Since we aren’t allowed back until the 15th of August this was great! I snapped a quick photo of my room as it is now. As you can see things are piled up high. I found out at the last minute that it looks like I am changing classrooms as well as grade level. Sooooo..I will have A LOT to do come the 15th.  Once I am able to get back into the school I will take a picture of the class I am moving to and how it all looks when it is set up. I am already thinking of how to set up my reading center in my new room to make it cozy!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

500 Followers Giveaway

The Lesson Plan Diva is having her 500 followers giveaway! Go to her page to see her awesome freebies and a chance to win a $15 Amazon gift card. I just discovered her blog and love it!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Brain Breaks

Here are some Brain Break sticks that I made. I got the idea from Keep Calm and Teach On. I have added some different breaks that I learned in a workshop this summer. There are TONS more that I am missing but I will need to find my book at school before I add them. I am going to get a cute little bucket from Target to put them in. Brain Breaks are a must to keep kids focused and their fun for me too!!

Please comment if you have ideas for other brain breaks. Thanks!

Staples bargain shopping!!

Staples Deals!
Went to Staples today and got some wonderful one cent deals!! I LOVE back to school bargains! I got:
- 25 packs of black pens (1¢ each)
-25 packs of erasers (1¢ each)
- a six pack of sharpies for $1.00
-a roll of zebra duct tape (I have several ideas for projects for this!)
 -two packs of stickies for 25¢ each
 - packs of mechanical pencils 25¢ each.
They have new deals every week so I can’t wait to see what they have next week.
***If you bring your teacher ID you can get 25 items but if you don’t have it you can only get 2 of each item.
**I also found out that you can ONLY get 2 of the 25 cent items even if you are a teacher. Found that out the hard way.
**They will be having their Teacher Appreciation on August 13th from 9-12. They give you a goodie bag! Office Depot will be having their's the same morning.
Did I ever tell you how much fun it is for me to go school shopping (especially when I get a great deal!)! Yes I am a school supply addict and I admit it. :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

No Teacher Desk?

I am thinking of going without a teacher desk this year. I am moving into a smaller classroom and I won’t really have the space. I don’t sit at my desk anyway except to check work and that is after the kids are gone. I could do that at a table. I am thinking of getting a plastic shelf with drawers to store my supplies in that I usually keep at my desk. I would rather have that as more space for the kids (maybe a table for groups?) Thoughts anyone?  I read a post on Clutter Free Classroom about teacher’s desks. Check out the blog, great ideas!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dollar Tree Finds!!

So I admit that I LOVE shopping for my classroom and I get excited when I find a good deal. I found some great stuff at the Dollar Tree. I am going to steal a quote from Teacher Tipster who said it should be called “The 42 Dollar Tree”! Ha!
My goodies:
-A Cursive Alphabet to go above my board. I almost got one yesterday from our teacher store…I saved 10 dollars by buying it at the dollar store!
-I got four 3-D books which my boys love to read. (3-D Thrillers! Space, 3-D Thrillers! Giant Dinosaurs, 3-D Thrillers! Bugs, 3-D Thrillers! Jungle)
- Several packs of educational sticker charts with commonly misspelled words and cursive that I will have my students put in their writing folders.
_Several baskets….you can NEVER have too many baskets.
_ Two polka dotted trays for math centers. ( I only bought two because I wanted to see if the foam will work on it as a placemat)
-A roll of foam to use as a placemat on the trays to cut down on noise.
So there we are! I tried to hit up Target but their dollar spot was pretty empty.

Font Party

Love this font LINKY party! This is so cool. I am now going to be a font addict!!! Guess I will be spending a lot of my summer in front the computer J

Go to Finally in First and enjoy!!!

Classroom Jobs

 I am joining my first LINKY party. Over at Oh the Places We'll Go she is having a classroom jobs party. I loved reading her list and got some wonderful ideas for some new jobs!
My jobs are:
1. Line Leader
2. Paper Passer
3. Office - this person takes the attendance folder down in the morning and they take any notes/papers to the office- I have two people for this so they can walk together. Sometimes they are unsure about where to go (back when I had 2nd grade...3rd graders should be a bit more confidant)
4. Bathroom Monitor- I have one boy and one girl- They make sure there is no playing around in the bathroom...I can't be in two places at once!
5. Lights- turn the lights out/on
6. Table Washers- They LOVE this job. After we are finished eating at lunch they get the washcloths and wash down the tables for the next group. I don't understand what is so appealing about washing tables..but they love it! (2 people for this job too)
7. Floor- They check the floor at the end of the day to make sure there is nothing left. (2 people for this job too)
8. Caboose- walks at the end of the line..this is just as popular as the line leader
9. Board Cleaner- erases the board
10. Sanitizer- passes out hand sanitizer before lunch
*** I think that is it. I have added/deleted jobs throughout the years. I am looking for new jobs this year so EVERYONE has a job. I like to change jobs once a month or every 2 weeks.
How do you change jobs and keep track of who has done what?
In the past I have just put their sticks with their names on it in the cup and as I pulled their name they got to choose.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This is what I use for a behavior chart system.I have seen others who use a system similar to this one but we changed ours to a caterpillar.The students all have clips(the caterpillar's legs) with their names on them and they all start out on green everyday ("Ready to Learn"). Then they can move up towards the head if their behavior is really good. If they make mistakes they move down. If they move down they can work their way back up by improving their behavior. This is so much better than my old stop light method where they really had no where to go but down. The chart gives students who are "good" a chance to work towards something too. Below green is yellow which is "think about it", then orange which is "teacher's choice"- here I have the option of changing the consequences that fit the child. Some children don't mind having to have an assigned seat at lunch, missing some recess time (which we aren't allowed to do anymore) or silent lunch - it makes it open so I can do what works for that child.Then the last part is red "parent contact". Of course you can work your way up to blue "Good Day, purple "Great Job", and black "Outstanding". Last year when they reached black they could visit the treat box but this year I am going to do BLING. I saw this on another site. If they make it to black the students earn a piece of bling (a jewel) that will be attached to their clip. Once they have a set number of bling they get a treat.  Then when they have that set number they get a colored clip to start adding their bling on. This will enable me to keep better track of how many times the students have made it to the top.

Monday, July 4, 2011

New and Exciting

So now that I know I am moving to third grade I am excited and a little overwhelmed by all this new information. I am moving classroom (but can't do that until school opens back up). That will be a huge task in itself. I am moving from a classroom that is colorful and has carpet to a square room with tiles. It just seems so "grown up". I am very excited to work with the third grade team (they are ALL great teachers and very nice!). Lucky for me they work closely together and plan together so that will be a HUGE help until I get out of this "second grade" mindset.