Sunday, July 17, 2011

100th Day

100th Day
In celebration of TBA 100th day blogging she has started a 100th day LINKY party. Here is what I do on the 100th day (at least what I did in 2nd grade…not sure what I will do in 3rd this year….hmmm)
1. We would color a fake $100 bill and write about what we would do with $100. It is amazing to see the things they think they can get with that money…a car, a house, but I REALLY love it when they talk about giving things to other people or helping poor people. J
2. Draw and write what we will look like at 100 years old. I also have them share what will be different in the world when they are 100. Their answers remind me of the Jetsons.. HA!
3. Write 100 words we know. They think this is hard until realize there are SO many words around the room (on their name tag, word wall, posters.)
4. We make a 100th day snack. We put in 10 items of 10 different things and mix it up. (cereal, M&M’s, peanuts, raisns, ect)
5. We use a 100 board sheet and I give clues to numbers that they color in. When they are done they have colored in squares to make the number 100. The clues are things like color the number that is 10 less than 50, what is 2 tens and 9 ones,ect.
6. I also read 100 day books. They are listed below.
7. We practice skip counting to 100 by 2, 3, 5, 10’s.
8. I am going to try to load up a google doc of some centers we do on the 100th day. Cross your fingers. I had it in really cute fonts but when I copied and pasted it onto google docs it changed it. Maybe my fellow bloggers can help me figure out how to fix that next time. Thanks!




I love what you do for the 100th day. I'm going to steal some of these. I teach 3rd and you can definitely do this with your new class.


They are some great ideas! Thanks for sharing them. Those stations are fantastic! I'm a new follower. :)

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Thanks for the comments!

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