Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to School Ideas

Back to school ideas:
Fun in First Grade is having a back to school Linky party and I am listing my ideas. I love everyone’s ideas!! Feel free to comment…I love comments!!!
1. I had a poem on their desks when they came in. They were to read the poem and color the border around it. Later when everyone was settled we read the poem aloud and we discussed the tone, voice, word choices, ect.
I have the poem copied onto a cute page with a border of ABC’s and crayons but my scanner doesn’t want to work and I can’t seem to make things cute in Google docs. I haven’t quite figured out how to make those cute sheets everyone does. So here is the poem:
My crayons still have points-
Their wrappers are untorn.
My pencils are unsharpened-
Erasers aren’t yet worn.
My lunch kit has no dents-
Its’ colorful and new.
My shoes are still unscuffed-
They’re bright and shiny too.
My hair has two red bows-
They’re tucked into my braid.
Today’s a special day-
I’m starting second grade!
-Lagenia Damron

2.*** My favorite!  I read “Cheese, Peas, and Chocolate Pudding” to the students. I told them before I started that every time I said the word cheese they snap, when I said Peas they clapped, and when I said chocolate pudding they would stomp. They have a lot of fun listening to this silly story and doing the actions. It is also a lesson in listening…but shhhh don’t tell them that.
I found a copy of it online. Here is the link. My copy is old and ugly J

3.  I spend a little while telling them about myself and sharing things about me. I made a Powerpoint presentation that I share with them with pictures of my family and Texas where I am from. Then we usually play a game where I have them say their name and one thing about them. The next person has to say that person’s name and one thing about them and then share about themselves. It continues until me (who is last) where I have to say everyone’s name and one thing about them. This helps me remember their names! We usually help out the students who are at the end but they are much better at it than I am!!!

4. There is a poster all about me that I have bought from Really Good Stuff and they fill that out and we share.
5. I read a TON of books on the first day. One set of books I start with is a book on manners. Along with our class rules we make a list of manners to follow throughout the year. We practice our manners ALL the way throughout the year.

6. I also read the “Important Book” and we then write a poem titled The Important Thing About Me.
I take these poems and make a class book that we keep in our reading center.
The important thing about me is that
I am ____________________________________________________________
I like _______________________
I like _______________________
I like ________________________
I like ________________________
I like ________________________
The most important thing about me is that
I am ___________________________________________________________.
** They repeat the first and last line with the same thing.



Great ideas. I love the listening activity. Thanks for linking up.


Adorable poem! Thanks for sharing!
Counting with Coffee

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