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This is what I use for a behavior chart system.I have seen others who use a system similar to this one but we changed ours to a caterpillar.The students all have clips(the caterpillar's legs) with their names on them and they all start out on green everyday ("Ready to Learn"). Then they can move up towards the head if their behavior is really good. If they make mistakes they move down. If they move down they can work their way back up by improving their behavior. This is so much better than my old stop light method where they really had no where to go but down. The chart gives students who are "good" a chance to work towards something too. Below green is yellow which is "think about it", then orange which is "teacher's choice"- here I have the option of changing the consequences that fit the child. Some children don't mind having to have an assigned seat at lunch, missing some recess time (which we aren't allowed to do anymore) or silent lunch - it makes it open so I can do what works for that child.Then the last part is red "parent contact". Of course you can work your way up to blue "Good Day, purple "Great Job", and black "Outstanding". Last year when they reached black they could visit the treat box but this year I am going to do BLING. I saw this on another site. If they make it to black the students earn a piece of bling (a jewel) that will be attached to their clip. Once they have a set number of bling they get a treat.  Then when they have that set number they get a colored clip to start adding their bling on. This will enable me to keep better track of how many times the students have made it to the top.



I love the clip chart! I'm planning a blog post about it soon and will add a link to this page to share how easily you can modify it to fit your theme, etc.
Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks! Butterfly life cycles was a huge unit we did and this just fit right in. Some teachers even had the students earn a chrysalis when they made it to the top!


Love your clip chart! Your ideas about putting the bling on the clip and then giving them a colored clip once they reach a certain level are so great! I think the kids would love getting a different colored clip. Do you give them a treat and a new colored clip at the same time or are they for earning a different amount of bling? I am anew follower:)


Thank Carolee! Last year they would get a treat when they made it to black. I had such a great group that there were a couple of students who made it there almost everyday! I made them work really hard to get to wasn't just given :) I am going to start the bling this year. I think I am going to have them earn 5 pieces of bling to get a treat. It will be a reward just to get the bling on your clip so then the big reward will be after you earn 5 you can go to the treat box. After you get 5 pieces of bling you will also get a new colored clip. I painted the clips blue, purple and black. They will get them in order of the colors on the chart. Thanks for following me!

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