Thursday, July 7, 2011

Classroom Jobs

 I am joining my first LINKY party. Over at Oh the Places We'll Go she is having a classroom jobs party. I loved reading her list and got some wonderful ideas for some new jobs!
My jobs are:
1. Line Leader
2. Paper Passer
3. Office - this person takes the attendance folder down in the morning and they take any notes/papers to the office- I have two people for this so they can walk together. Sometimes they are unsure about where to go (back when I had 2nd grade...3rd graders should be a bit more confidant)
4. Bathroom Monitor- I have one boy and one girl- They make sure there is no playing around in the bathroom...I can't be in two places at once!
5. Lights- turn the lights out/on
6. Table Washers- They LOVE this job. After we are finished eating at lunch they get the washcloths and wash down the tables for the next group. I don't understand what is so appealing about washing tables..but they love it! (2 people for this job too)
7. Floor- They check the floor at the end of the day to make sure there is nothing left. (2 people for this job too)
8. Caboose- walks at the end of the line..this is just as popular as the line leader
9. Board Cleaner- erases the board
10. Sanitizer- passes out hand sanitizer before lunch
*** I think that is it. I have added/deleted jobs throughout the years. I am looking for new jobs this year so EVERYONE has a job. I like to change jobs once a month or every 2 weeks.
How do you change jobs and keep track of who has done what?
In the past I have just put their sticks with their names on it in the cup and as I pulled their name they got to choose.


Mel D

Thanks for linking up to my party! I love your ideas! I think I am going to have the "Sanitizer" next year. I usually had my assistant do that but I think that can be an extra job if I go over 20 students. Thanks for sharing !
Peace, Mel D
Oh the Places We’ll Go

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