Monday, July 11, 2011

Staples bargain shopping!!

Staples Deals!
Went to Staples today and got some wonderful one cent deals!! I LOVE back to school bargains! I got:
- 25 packs of black pens (1¢ each)
-25 packs of erasers (1¢ each)
- a six pack of sharpies for $1.00
-a roll of zebra duct tape (I have several ideas for projects for this!)
 -two packs of stickies for 25¢ each
 - packs of mechanical pencils 25¢ each.
They have new deals every week so I can’t wait to see what they have next week.
***If you bring your teacher ID you can get 25 items but if you don’t have it you can only get 2 of each item.
**I also found out that you can ONLY get 2 of the 25 cent items even if you are a teacher. Found that out the hard way.
**They will be having their Teacher Appreciation on August 13th from 9-12. They give you a goodie bag! Office Depot will be having their's the same morning.
Did I ever tell you how much fun it is for me to go school shopping (especially when I get a great deal!)! Yes I am a school supply addict and I admit it. :)



Not a fan of Staples. Office Depot caters to teachers WAY more. They don't have a limit on their 1 cent items for teachers. If I need folders and their limit is 10 I would rather shop at Office Depot and get a class set. I avoid Staples completely these days. And the fact that you have to spend $5 to buy the 1 cent deals too...I like a deal, but not that much. :(

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