Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to Earn 5000 bonus points through scholastic

If you all are like me you LOVE scholastic book orders. I love their books so much. I believe that they have great quality stuff for a small price. Every year at the begnning of the school year they have a deal where you can earn some SERIOUS points. I use the points to fill up my classroom library and get the kids some books for part of their Christmas presents. I have been following Laura Chandler for a long time now and have even been lucky enough to attended one of her workshops.
We were going to have another but funds were cut :( 

 She is GREAT! On her site right now you can find directions on how to earn 5000 bonus points for your classroom. She also posted a letter to send home to the parents, stars to color as your class works towards their goal of an order of $275, and certificates for the students that order. I have used this for several years and it WORKS! Good luck everyone and enjoy spending those points!!

or try this

Laura Candler

Alive and kicking!

Hello everyone! I wanted to check in bloggy world. My little darlings started last week and I was exhausted!With changing grade levels and classrooms I have been staying at school very late everyday to get prepared and feel prepared. I have such sweet little babies and we had a great 2 first days. 
We learned our routines, expectations, read some great books, started multiplication and cursive. (I am so glad no one is watching me teach cursive...the way I explain things is crazy!)

I am trying to get into the swing of things. Since I have moved from 2nd to 3rd I feel like I am a first year teacher again. Learning the curriculum and the WAY they teach it. I know I will come up with my own way and add my own swagger but for right now I just want to know what my grade level has been doing and what has worked for them.

I am very excited to teach 3rd grade though...everything is fresh and new and exciting!!

I will be making some things to add to my blog soon to share with everyone. I am planning on spending this weekend getting prepared for our first full week with the kids next week. We are diving in with the curriculum.

Hurricane Irene has hit us here in North Carolina and luckily we have kept power (we are some of the few!) and we have no damage. So I have been working on lesson plans all day and searching for FUN creative ideas. We are diving into Place Value, Expanded notation, and Comparing numbers this week. IF you have any creative ideas please share!!

Thanks! See ya later alligators!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

AMAZING hallway displays

THE MOST AMAZING hallway displays I have ever seen! Check these out. I am SO jealous. What a creative group! From The First Grade Parade.


Updated Pics....still not done!

Here are some updated pics of my room. It is still not done but it has come OH SO far from when I moved all the boxes in. I plan on getting some stuff done at home this weekend and maybe heading out to school tomorrow for a few minutes. We have Open House on Tuesday so Monday is the last day I have to get all the finishing touches together. We have a workshop ALL day Wednesday and the kiddos come on Thursday. So that means that lesson plans need to be ready and in place by Tuesday before they get there otherwise I will be scrambling at the last minute. OH WOW! I have so much to may be a few days before I am back so have a good weekend and week!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wanted: Reading Posters

Hello bloggy friends…I KNOW you can help me here. Where could I find posters to print to go on my wall in my reading center? Thanks for the help!
I know I haven’t blogged in a while but I have been so busy trying to put my room together that I just come home and go straight to bed! I will be uploading pictures tomorrow. Have a good night!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exhaustion day number TWO. OMF= OH MY FEET!!! I forgot what it feels like to stand for 8-10 hours at a timeon tile floor. My whole legs hurt! I got A LOT done today but I have so much more to do. Tomorrow is our first “official” day back. I was trying to get a head start so that I wouldn’t get stressed. I am starting to feel like this is my classroom and am cleaning out in the process! Tomorrow’s list is VERY long but it will all get done. Here are some pics of the progress from yesterday.
My reading center and listening center. I was able to keep one cozy place in the room :)

I had a hard time getting my desks to fit in this small room. I want SOME floor space left so I can call them to the carpet.
Yes, You can actually see the floor. That was my goal for today :)

Monday, August 15, 2011


Holy exhaustion! (A quote from fellow blogger at "Oh the Places We'll Go") I moved ALL my stuff today to my new room. I moved furniture and boxes for 6 hours after our morning meeting at 8 am. So tired I think I will call it an early night!! As you can see from the pictures I still have SO much left to do. I know I'm not the only one out there in bloggy land that has moved classroom and is exhausted. To all of you I give you a high five , at least I would if I could muster the energy to raise my hand! I will post the progress as it comes, inch by inch.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lakeshore Learning Giveaway

Over at Third Grade Bookworm (the newest blog I am following), you will find a giveaway for some AWESOME smart board resources! I am REALLY hoping to win this one! I think my students would really get into these games and learn so much at the same time. Check out her blog and her great ideas while you are there J

Friday, August 12, 2011

Classroom Mangement Series

Check out Clutter Free CLASSROOM and her new series! I'm excited. Posting from my down :(

My computer is now back up. I wanted to add that if you have never been to Clutter Free Classroom you really need to check it out. It has so many great ideas!! You will be adding it to your list, I promise!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Craft Day!!

Today was craft day for me! I made:
1. My bucket filling pocket chart (thank you to 3rd Grade’s a Hoot for the buckets and posters J)
**I will be adding my student's names once I get my class list.

2. A crayon box to put all my crayon scraps in (thanks to Pinterest)

3. A place value banner (thanks to 3rd Grades a Hoot again!)

4. A finished work basket ( I got the idea from Clutter Free Classroom: Thank you Clutter Free ClassroomJ).

I feel like I am off to a good start for this year! However my spare room looks like a tornado hit it and left parts of my classroom everywhere. I can’t wait to get into my classroom Monday (ugh!) afternoon and start moving furniture so that I can decorate it!!!

Thank you to all these wonderful blogs with your great ideas! I couldn't have done any of this without your wonderful ideas!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Clip Board Craft for the day

Clip Board Craft
I have been making a list of all these wonderful crafts I want to make that I am seeing on these blogs. Today I decided to redo my old boring clipboard. I am going to use it for my homework log and hang it on the wall. I bought some of that new funky duct tape and covered it. Easy Peasy. I then added some ribbon I had hanging around the house. I think I want to pick up some thicker ribbon to add to it. I am excited about my new ONE of a kind clipboard J
Excuse the picture quality I took it with my phone. My camera is MIA.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Party Snack Ideas

I am hosting a 31 party for a friend of mine. Anyone have any suggestions for easy snack ideas? Thanks in advance!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Laminator Help

I WILL be buying a laminator today. I just don’t know where from. Walmart, Target, and Sams seem to have similar ones. Any reviews from my fellow teachers?

I'm Back

I am back from our vacation and I am having BLOG withdrawal! One more week left and then I am back at work. I have SO much left to make and do with all these wonderful ideas I have seen while blog stalking J